Jean teachers with great skill, kindness, and passion! I learned so much! There are memories to be treasured!



I did the Chinese cooking class and it was execellent. Learnt some delicious, quick and easy recipes. Thanks very much Jean. I will definitely be doing another class in the future.



I have recently attended several of Jean's classes and my cooking skills have improved. Improved to the point whereby my friends and family think my fried rice and chicken chow mein are better than what you can buy. The classes are very simple yet informative and most of all hands on which gives you the best chance when cooking by yourself.



I have now completed two cooking classes with Jean and have enjoyed both of these. My first class was Vietnamese where we learned some amazing recipes that I will use at home that are easy and full of so much flavour.  

The second class was Thai cooking and I enjoyed this just as much. Jean was patient, thorough and all of the food was easy to prepare meaning I will defiantly be cooking the recipes I learned at home! The sauces were to die for and every meal was delicious, I left the class so full I could barley move!  

Thank you so much Jean my friends and I had a blast and will be calling you again soon to do another class!



Hi Jean,  

Your Authentic Malaysian and Singaporean cooking class was enjoyed by us. We found your friendly nature and ease of explanation about each recipe very helpful. We will definitely take away great helpful hints and insights. The hands on nature of your class was most enjoyable but having the written recipe will ensure we can repeat it at home. Mostly we enjoyed hearing your story.



Dear Jean

Thank-you for an amazing cooking class on Saturday. Your class was so well-prepared and informative and the food was absolutely delicious! I loved that your recipes were simple to follow and that you encouraged me to gain confidence by being hands-on and cooking myself. It is clear that you are passionate about cooking and teaching and I will definitely be back for another class!



Hi Jean

Thanks you very much for an excellent class yesterday. You made it simple and easy to understand.

It is more than 20 years since I first tried Char Kway Teow (my favourite) but the one you made yesterday was the best tasting one so far.

Thank you for that.

 I learned a lot  and I will be back for more.

Best regards and hope to see you soon again.

Best regards



Hi Jean,

Thank you for a wonderful class.  The food was so delicious, I am now going to practice all the dishes.  I am now talking to all my friends about you and I will see what I can arrange over the next few months.  What more can I say.  Thanks for the pictures.




Dear jean,

Lessons were fun & easy to understand. I enjoyed learning more about cooking Thai food. Thanks for also giving me suggestions on where I could shop for the ingredients.

I will be cooking soon n I'll let u know if I have any questions.

Thank you !!  




“Jean is able to make our visions of food come to light. Her talent in cooking extends far beyond the basics as her creativity, innovative nature and cooking style shapes dishes in an array of flavours and cultures. She is accustomed to many different cuisines and she will bring those flavours to you.”

Kevin Tjangdjaja

Makmur Enterprises Pty. Ltd


"Thank you so much to Jean for an amazing class on Malaysian Food, your method of teaching was easy to follow and l took a lot on board. Thank you so much for making the recipes vegetarian for me . I really enjoyed this class and would recommend your class to many of my family and friends. The food was delicious! l look forward to making the recipes you taught me with my family and friends. "  



We had a wonderful morning with Jean doing the Vietnamese cooking class. We learnt a lot, it was very hands on and the food was delicious. Jean also shared her garden with us and we came home with some herbs to try and grow in our garden.



I had the absolute pleasure in meeting Jean for her cooking class.. I found it a wonderful experience and got to learn how to make some delicious dishes.. Jean was fantastic to learn off and can't wait to do another class with her.. Thank you for letting me into your home and teaching me all your little secrets..



We had a wonderful experience doing a home lesson with Jean. The lesson was relaxed, very informative and fun.

The ‘wok’ cooking was new to us but made relatively simple- we are looking forward to repeating the experience.   

John Stubbe 

(At John's private kitchen)


We had a wonderful morning with Jean doing the Vietnamese cooking class. We learn a lot, it was very hands on and the food was delicious. Jean also shared her garden with us and we came home with some herbs to try and grow in our garden. 



I have the absolute pleasure in meeting Jean for her cooking class. I found it a wonderful experience and got to learn how to make some delicioud dishes. Jean was fantastic to learn off and can't wait to do another class with her...




Thank you Jean for the nice cooking class, I enjoyed!



Hello Jean, thank you so much for class on Saturday, we both enjoyed it and look forward to making these dishes at home. Kind regards Tony and Anna


I attended Jean's Asian cooking class on Saturday & absolutely loved it. There were 4 of us & it was great to have the interaction with everyone. Jean was fantastic and very friendly. She makes sure you know what is required of you and helps you understand the basic cooking principals of Asian dishes. She promised that once we learned how to cook the basics everything else would be easy, and this was so true. I have come away feeling like I can't wait to start cooking and try all those things that I love.

Thank you Jean for a wonderful day full of fun & laughter & a big thank you to Steve for taking me to the Asian supermarket to start my collection of Asian ingredients. I definitely recommend Jeans classes to everyone interested in Asian Cooking.




Jeans cooking classes are brilliant! Simple to understand and follow with the end result being perfect Thai dishes.

We had a great time making pastes and sauce from scratch and were always amazed at how good the end result was.

The dishes we chose weren't overly complex but the techniques in how to actually prepare and cook the ingredients in order to get a great balance of flavours was invaluable.

Michelle & Adam



Thanks for your tips, triks and amazing food last weekend! I really enjoyed the session together and will definitely use what I learnt at home. 



Thanks Jean! It was so much fun and the food was delicious! My mum would be proud! 



Was lovely meeting you Jean, thoroughly enjoyed my class with you and learnt a lot. Have since made the fried rice twice!! family all love it  :-) Thank you so much



Myself and my partner came to last weeks cooking class. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Jean's experience and knowledge were evident throughout the class. We coverd a lot in just 3 hours. She took us step by step through each process and provided excellent answers to all our questions. I was impressed! It was a pleasure to be tought by an expert.  



Hi Jean,  

I would just like to thank you for today I had a fantastic time.

The whole experience was amazing! Your garden is amazing! and you are amazing!

- not to mention the great recipes that I will be perfecting over the winter months - that Char Kway Teow was sooo easy to make (once you know how:))

I will definitely be returning for the Chinese class.

Enjoy your weekend

Lovely to have met you



Hi Jean,

Loved the class and will be back down the track to do some more classes, I will master these ones first.

Gary Critchley


I recently completed Jeans Basic Asian cooking class. I was not sure what to expect when we arrived at Jeans home, but we found a warm, inviting, funny and talented Jean who had pre prepared every thing we would be using and needing during our class. Over the next few hours, we learnt the basics of Asian cooking, including the best way to cook rice (I've practised at home twice now and it works) Fried rice, how to marinate meat, a yummy soup and learnt all about bok choy, chinese cauliflower and all of the best sauces to use in asian cooking. We were a group of five, myself and my husband and 3 ladies who we did not know. Jean has a way of making everyone comfortable and we all had equal opportunity to learn "hands on". We plan to practise over the next few months and then go back and do more of Jeans advanced classes. Worth every dollar, highly recommended. Thanks Jean for a lovely morning and the new skills you have given me.



Jean thank you so much for a wonderful morning of cooking with lovely fresh ingredients and great instruction. We would definitely recommend booking a class with Jean and will be back for another class soon!  

Bec Lang


We had a wonderful morning with Jean, now we can make authentic tasting fried rice and will never have to buy again, Jean is a warm friendly host, who shared her knowledge and home with us, thanks so much, will definitely be back for another class



Hi Jean  

I enjoyed your cooking class so much. The food was simple yet full of flavour. I had such a great time and can't wait to cook what I've learnt.  

I would and have recommended you to my friends and family and i hope to do another class in the future. 

Happy eating! 



It was so lovely to meet Jean and learn from her expertise skills in Asian cooking. We had an amazing time learning how to make laksa paste and chicken curry laksa, chicken satay and char way teow - all from scratch and which tasted amazing! We will definitely be using her recipes in the future. Thank you very much Jean for your time and friendly nature :)

Caitlyn and Shawn


"As a Singaporean living in Melbourne, I find myself missing a lot of the food I grew up with. This class was a great way of learning how to cook the various dishes that I'm constantly missing. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Jean - she's such an authentic and joyful teacher, just like the dishes!" 



Morning Jean,

You’ll be glad to know you created an Asian cooking machine with my Dad. He’s become the families favourite cook and continues to try new things, but also continues to follow your recipes meticulously….



Hi Jean,

We really enjoyed our vietnamese cooking class with you yesterday, your friendly environment and hands on teaching made it a very pleasurable experience. Your warm manner and relaxed teaching put us at ease, and the produce you supplied was top quality.

We will be making the summer rolls to take to work for lunches this week, and have a go at the other recipes as well.

Thank you for your patience when our skills weren't up to scratch, and for showing us your abundant and lovely garden.

Dagmar and Peter.


Hi Jean, thanks for a fabulous thai cooking class on Sunday. Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learning your recipes. The food was so tasty and the class size of six was excellent. We will be back for another class and look forward to making green curry and pad Thai at home. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, brilliant cooking class!



Hi Jean,

Thank you for yesterday, I really enjoyed the class. 

You made it so simple to follow and I appreciated your help and hands on approach. 

I will be back to do another course in the near future. 

Thanks & Regards



Hi Jean,

We just want to thank you so very much for the cooking class we did on Saturday.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and both learnt so much about Asian cuisine not to mention how tasty the food was! We cannot wait to try the recipes ourselves at home! We would highly recommend your cooking classes to anyone.



Yesterday a friend and I attended a Thai cooking class with Jean's Asian Cooking after I saw her business featured on the internet. We had such a great time and learnt so much, I feel obliged to let people know about it. For those friends who are interested in Thai (and Chinese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Korean cooking), this is the place to learn - in small groups with practical hands-on time. By the time Jean took us through the Asian vegetables, herbs and other ingredients such as dried shrimps, papaya, snake beans, coriander root, shrimp paste, galangal, Thai eggplants, preserved turnip, ear mushrooms and the special chillies, we were hooked. Some of the produce Jean grows in her own garden, but if the season is unkind, there are plenty of Asian grocery shops nearby - some of which came highly recommended. We were each handed aprons, assigned chopping boards, and we all made out own courses, so the hand-on experience was fantastic. We started with Papaya salad - yum, what a tasty sensation that was - and I have never shredded fruit or vegetables the way we were shown to do it - so much easier! We made green curry paste - the base for a great curry - but not to be outdone, we made two curries - one with bamboo and the other with eggplants. We then made classic Pad Thai - a dish I love but have always been too afraid to make. It turned out beautifully - the same as a restaurant would make - and it was so easy - I can't believe I have waited this long to try my hand at Asian cooking (with a bit of help of course). We also made Thai spring rolls - again I surprised myself - so easy when you're shown how. We were very impressed with everything - the warm and homely welcome, the non-pretentious teaching and encouragement, the freshness of the ingredients, and our own creations. We will definitely be back for more - I commend this business to anyone who would like to learn the art of Asian cooking, by a lady who very obviously loves cooking and sharing her knowledge. Look out for the book, which I understand is coming soon, which features family owned recipes. Thanks so much for a great day Jean



Hi Jean,  

I would like to thank you for a cooking experience I will never forget. Your hospitality and your different ways of cooking the same dish was a great way to introduce Asian cooking with the different flavours that work together to make a simple but delicious dish. I can honestly say your lesson of preparing and simple recipes will help make my life easier, especially with balancing work and a baby.  

I will be recommending you to anyone who wants to learn cooking that is quick, simple and fun to learn.  

Thanks again and I look forward to coming back for more lessons.  




Had a fantastic time in Jean’s Asian Cooking class today. We cooked some delicious dishes, Jean is a lovely lady and a fantastic teacher and the hands structure to the class meant I learnt so much! I feel totally  inspired to create these dishes and more at home for my family. I will be back for future classes and would definitely recommend these classes everyone.



"Jean's fabulous cooking classes will not let you down, anyone can follow a recipe but with Jean's advice on techniques from start to finish you will have restaurant quality food that you can replicate in your own home. I have now been to two of Jean's classes and highly recommend them to everyone I speak it. I was lucky enough to receive this latest class as a voucher for Christmas and it was the best Christmas present I've ever had. I made the Chinese fried rice for my fiancé tonight, it was so quick and tasted better than takeaway! The small class sizes mean you can ask all the questions you want and you actually get to do the cooking rather than watch! What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning! Thanks so much Jean, you'll definitely see me again soon!"



I was given a voucher for Christmas to go to Jean's Asian cooking classes and it's been one of the best gifts ever! Jean is lovely, knowledgeable and funny and taught not only myself but also my dad, brother and my brothers partner how to cook some great Asian dishes! We have already started cooking some of the dishes from the recipes you gave us :) I learnt so much by going to the class and highly recommend it!! Thanks Jean for a wonderful experience :) :)



Hi Jean,  

Thanks so much for a lovely morning at our Thai cooking class. Given the weather was good, it was great to venture into your backyard and see how many of the ingredients could be grown at home. Mum and I loved the pace and content of the class and the food was absolutely delicious. You have given us a lot of inspiration and encouragement to begin our Thai cooking adventures. It was also the perfect birthday gift for someone who already has most things!

Thanks again,



Hi Jean,  

Thanks for such a great class. The food was as good as any Vietnamese restaurant I have been too... plus I was able to recreate it perfectly the next night for my partner... she absolutely loved it!  




"Dear Jean's Asian Cooking Thank you for providing a wonderful Malaysian cooking experience. Having just returned from Malaysia I couldn't believe how authentic and delicious your dishes were. They were amazing. Also, I have done cooking classes at professional schools in New York and Hong Kong. I have to say your home school is just as good. I appreciated how professional, organised and instructive you were. Importantly, all your food tasted delicious. Thanks for the hands on instruction and personalised menu choices. I am definitely coming back to try the Thai cooking classes. There are so few people with your background of Thai, Viet and Malay. Thanks for sharing your cultural cooking skills with the rest of Australia."

Best wishes Vicki


Hi Jean,

Thanks for these!   

We took the vegetarian class and had such a good time! Jean is very warm and welcoming, and the class is conducted in a very thorough, hands-on way. She was also happy to make adjustments to the dishes based on diet which was very helpful. We learnt so many techniques that we would never have learnt from a cookbook! Over all it was a really fun and worthwhile day.   




Thank you Jean for a wonderful, informative and fun class. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the experience. We have already made some of the dishes and look forward to learning more. We will definitely be booking another class in the near future.

John & Kristel


I did the Thai and Malaysian/Singaporean classes with Jean and loved them!  The small class sizes meant it was really hands on and all the dishes were amazing.  Jean helped direct me to places where i could find ingredients i was missing and i have been trying out the recipes at home, with great success!!  I had never really tried cooking asian food at home before but after doing the classes i am a lot more confident and feel like i know what i'm doing which has been awesome.  The family has been very impressed!!  Thank you again Jean, you are a lovely person and a great teacher!    

Also i was wondering if there are spaces available for the Popular Thai 1 and Vietnamese classes in May?  




“I had such a great time cooking with Jean last December during a private session!

All vegeterian: Red Curry, Pad Thai, Spring Rolls and amazing Malacca Nyonya Pandan Pancake!!!

Thank you for welcoming me to your home and making me discover all those wonderful asian flavours.

All the veggies are ultra fresh as most of them come from Jean’s garden directly! Jean will make you feel at home and teach tech you some highly secret Asian cooking techniques!

It was well worth it and I would definitely go back for more lessons!”



Thanks Jean. Class was good and I believe we all learnt something new and interesting. I'll be trying the steam fish recipe tomorrow. My family will be my guinea pig.   




Hi Jean 

Thank you for much for our private cooking lesson, we had a fantastic time. We couldn’t believe that something we had cooked could taste so great. The class was fun and informative, and your patience gave us the confidence to ask questions and to participate in all steps in the process. What a great way to spend an afternoon. 

Thanks again



Great class on Sat, Jean! Maria and I had a fantastic time and loved the delicious dishes you helped us to make. We also enjoyed looking for all the unusual recipe ingredients afterwards! Thanks!!



The cooking class was a Saturday well spent, with Jean being very patient and provided a great day of simple basic cooking lessons.  The food we cooked was delicious, easy and classic dishes I could cook everyday.  I have already recommended the cooking class to my family and friends.

Thank you for a great cooking class.




Hi Jean,

A quick note to say “thank-you” for a fantastic cooking class. It was very informative and taught me

how important balance is in Thai cooking.  I made the Red Curry chicken for my family over the weekend and they (including my 14 year old son) loved it.  Look forward to making the Pad Thai next weekend.

Thanks again

 Judy Doherty


Dear Jean

I just wanted to let you know how much Russell enjoyed his cooking class. He really enjoyed it and is looking at doing some more classes with you. I intend to do one myself, so I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Once again, thank you for making Russell’s present so enjoyable and I look forward to one of his meals!

Kind regards



Thanks Jean, I really enjoyed the class yesterday, we’re having Thai green curry for dinner tonight. 



My mother, mother inlaw & myself attended the Asian Basic's class a few months back. I have found it to be SO useful. I have two young kids at home, and work and didn't realise how easy and quick it can be. AND TASTY! 

Jean was so lovely & so willing to help with any of our questions and was very flexible and keen to pass on any information she could. 

The skills i learnt in that class has allowed me to be confident enough to try a few different variations etc. 

The worse thing about it all, is i want to come back and do so many more classes, i just don't have enough hours in the day! But i will be back one day soon! …. Thank you for pretty much changing my cooking life 



Thoroughly enjoyed my first class at Jeans Asian Cooking today. Fresh ingredients providing lots of natural flavour and colour. Easy to follow recipes and lots of experienced help provided when needed.

Even came away with a map to the best asian grocers.



what a great experience! would highly recommend Jean's cooking school for anyone who loves food! its super authentic, delicious and easy and the best part is you can recreate it in your own kitchen. I wasn't confident with Asian cooking but I am now. thanks so much Jean!!



I loved Jean's cooking style. I am personally a bad cook but Jean taught me simple tips to cook faster and tastier. I would highly recommend Jean's cooking:)



‘Thoroughly enjoyed the class, Jean really explained the value of each ingredient in the dish which made it easier to prepare to the way you like it. Also got some great tips on what to look for during the cooking process. Looking forward to cooking for my family and friends.’

Best regards



Hi Jean

I thoroughly enjoyed the Malaysian/Singaporean cooking class on Saturday.   I really appreciated the tips and tricks in preparing the dishes  to help me at home to replicate the wonderful recipes.   I went to the Asian grocers in Springvale and was able to shop with more confidence for the ingredients.   I am looking forward to trying out the curry Laksa and Chilli crab on family.   I will definitely be booking another class.   Thank you for providing these  classes.  

Kind regards,

Kath Harrington


Hi Jean,  

I thoroughly enjoyed both cooking classes; the latest one was about learning how to make Panaeng curry paste and associated beef curry. Since attending the class, I've had the opportunity to practice the same dish a few times and judging from the growing smile of satisfaction and appreciation on my husband's face, I must have got better at it :-)

Thanks so much for all the tips you gave and especially how I get a chance to try those techniques out during the class.  




Hi Jean,

I thought your course was very informative as well as fun. The hands on approach to your course ensures that each student learns the correct process of preparing and cooking the dish. It was a great experience. Thanks a lot.  

Andrew Gorwell


Hi Jean, Rose here from Saturday class just want to say thank you. It was terrific and I really enjoyed it.



Dear Jean

Thank you so much for wonderful morning. I have confidence now to cook Malaysian foods that i can serve to my friends and relatives with hainan chicken rice, curry laksa and fried keow teow was also restaurant quality.

Thank you again and again,



Jean's cooking lesson was a lot of fun.

We made gorgeous food and will feel confident to replicate those dishes at home.

Jean was very encouraging and patient.

I will definitely book in for another lesson soon.  



Hi Jean,  

I had a great time on Saturday

Your friendly approach and small groups ensure that everyone is involved and makes the class very interactive

I am looking forward to taking part in your future speciality classes.

Thanks for a great day!



Hi Jean  

What a lovely morning we had!  

The small class was well planned with you providing lots of great pieces of advice to help us on our journey to mastering Thai green curry and the other dishes. I loved the fact that we got to do it rather than watching a teacher do it.  

The ingredients were all so fresh especially the produce used from your garden. Wish I could grow such lovely lemongrass.  

Your handy hints and tips of cutting, grating and pounding worked well.  

We left you full of inspiration and headed straight to Springvale Market to buy the supplies and now have a lovely jar of green paste in our fridge. Yum.  

10 out of 10 Jean it was great fun and a lovely introduction to Thai cooking.  

We will be back.

Lesley and Wayne


Dear Jean  

I recently completed your Thai cooking class and it was fantastic. The way you explained everything was extremely helpful and useful. The variety and flexibility in the way you taught things made it easy for all levels of students.

I will be recommending your class to all of my friends, and look forward to ....in the near future.

Thanks agin, Nicole 


Jean's Asian Cooking Class is the first real cooking class I've ever taken and it was a great experience. Jean has a wealth of knowledge about all of the ingredients in Chinese cooking and why they work and also how to get the best out them in the cooking process. It was a very "hands-on" class which I really enjoyed. My Chinese father taught me how to cook many recipes and I have learnt a lot from books, but Jean actually made sense out of what I was trying to do and provided great tips and and advice which I can now use to improve my cooking.  

I made one the five recipes (Yangchow Fried Rice) for four people the next day after the cooking class and it was a hit with everyone and better than any of my previous attempts.  

It was a fun day and I can highly recommend Jean's Asian Cooking to anyone from beginner to competent cook.  



Hi Jean,

….Looking forward to hearing from you. I'm excited about the new classes. We have been cooking heaps of Vietnamese and Chinese recently. We just love the recipes we have learnt and cook them all the time. We have just started to incorporate them into our everyday cooking.

Thanks again for teaching us ...

Take care



"Jean's Thai Cooking Class was exceptional ! It was an authentic Thai 'hands on' cooking class with a very warm and giving teacher. And the bonus was we got to eat the delicious meals we prepared. A great day full of knowledge and laughs, very enjoyable.

Michelle Papageorge"


Hi Jean,

I really enjoyed your class. It is my first cooking class, maybe some time I will try another.

I thought I would let you know that straight after the class I went to Springvale and bought all the ingredients for Sunday night's dinner.

Our kids and grandkids usually come around each Sunday night, and I am usually the cook.

I prepared your salad, with spring rolls (about 70 of them) and dipping sauce. Then we had your beef pho.

It was a huge success and everyone loved it.



"If you want to learn real, delicious authentic Vietnamese cooking, complete with fresh homegrown ingredients from her own garden, you can't go past Jean's Authentic Vietnamese cooking class. There were just two of us in the class, which was perfect to get hands-on practice with all the meals on the menu. I found it especially useful to get insight into which Asian grocery products to use -- and am now all ready to try out some dishes that I certainly wouldn't have attempted at home before the class. Marion."


Thanks Jean.  I really enjoyed the class.  My girls and I made the Spring Rolls together yesterday and I made the Chicken and Galangal soup for my husband and I for dinner.  Hubby thought the soup was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten so I must have got it right!  Everyone enjoyed the Spring Rolls and the girls thought it was fascinating that we were eating Black Fungus.  I have all the ingredients for the Green Curry, which I am looking forward to trying later in the week.  Thanks again for a most enjoyable and informative class.  




Hi Jean,

How are you? ...we wanted to try our new skills before we let you know how much we enjoyed our asian beginners class with you. It was lots of fun doing it with our own group and we learnt many new techniques and tastes. Thank you for that and we look forward to coming back and extending our experience...

Leah and Rachael (with Mimma, Rosa and Angela)


My family and I attended one of Jean’s cooking classes for Mother’s Day. I organised it only a couple of days beforehand, but Jean was very accommodating and acquiesced to my (several) requests. We had a great day; Jean was fantastic at getting the whole family involved. I thought it would have been an immense challenge to engage my brothers, but she had them in there, hands on and loving it! All of the food was delicious. We felt like we were privy to some of her special family recipes & have already replicated a couple at home. The Curry Laksa is amazing!!! Well worthwhile and highly recommended. Thanks Jean!! (Especially for working on Mother’s Day being a mother yourself!!)  

Thanks again!



'We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with Jean. The food we created together was delicious and Jean made it easy to learn, having ingredients and recipes all ready for us. Jean is a great teacher with a great many cooking tips to share......We would recommend Jean's class to anyone who loves Asian food and wants to be able to make the real thing at home.'



Hello Jean,

Thank you very much for your Thai Cooking Class. The small group and relaxed atmosphere, your patience and hints and tips made the class enjoyable as well as educational. Ultimately, it does exactly what any teacher would want - I am and will continue to be a fan of Asian cuisine and will attempt to cook its famous dishes from scratch.

Best wishes,



Hi Jean,

Thanks again for Saturday, it was wonderful!

Having the small class meant that it was so hands on, and we were able to see even the smallest steps (such as cutting or even peeling!) that go into making such yummy dishes!! Being able to see and hear all your wonderful little tips about certain steps or ingredients will make it so much easier when we try and make these dishes ourselves at home!

Thank you again for a wonderful day, it was a great birthday present for my fiancé!!  

All the best Jean, and we might need to come see you soon for Thai 2!!  

-Hayley & Matt


Thanks Jean,

it was fantastic, thank-you!

It was a great course and I loved it - fresh and easy to put together.

I got home, quite full, and my wife organised me to make pad thai for her dinner…

its great, thank you so much for all the great skills I have acquired, can't wait to be back for the next one.  

Kind Regards,



Jean's cooking class was a great hands on experience. You made me feel relaxed and at home. Looking forward to attending another in the near future.  

Kind regards

Serena Morrison 


Hi Jean


I had the most fantastic  time learning the beautiful dishes you planned for us. You made me feel like I was an invited friend around for afternoon lunch, while you passed on your cooking secrets. I can't wait to do this again, so please, please let me know when you can fit me in on another of these wonderful sessions.  

Kindest regards Mark


"Thanks for a terrific class. There was just the right number of people and there was a great balance between hands on and (very patient) instruction. I tried the dishes on my friends the next night and they were all a hit! Love your garden!"



A fabulous day of Cooking with Jean.

Beautiful fresh food and wonderful receipes

Would highly recomend Jean's cooking school for anyone who is looking to learn about Asian Cusine.

A great Gift Idea - Michala Johnson


Thanks Jean.

We all enjoyed our time with you today. We all learned new skills and recipes, worked in different teams and had some fun. You were able to prepare just enough without taking over too much and you gave us ample support and assistance. I was very interested in the importance of balance of flavours and your discerning palate!


Marie Ghirardello  (Principal)


Hi Jean, we are very keen to have our 2nd lesson....I can tell you we have made the spring rolls several times & the family rave about them so thank you so much...

Chris & Bill (Vietnamese Cooking Class)


"We enjoyed our class very much due to the hands on element of the session. We hope to be cooking our beautiful thai dishes all the time now, as we have the confidence to know how to prepare the food in an authentic way."

Talya and Dean


"I really enjoyed Jean's Thai cooking course. I learnt a lot about the techniques used in cooking the dishes I have only tasted before in restaurants. Especially interesting was her use of real Thai vegetables and spices (eg Thai eggplant) in the cooking which gave it a really authentic taste, and the chance to use a mortar and pestle to prepare things the traditional way! The course was well organised, and Jean made sure everyone got a turn at trying different things. Best of all, the dishes tasted delicious :). Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Thai cooking.



I found the course content excellent, your notes concise and easy to follow.

Best of all you had us “understanding” the ingredients.  A Bonus was the tour of your garden, which let us see many of the ingredients growing, then sampling them on the table and then once again seeing how they all blended and worked together which in my opinion was easily some of the best Thai food I‘ve eaten, yet another bonus!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who likes to cook or eat REAL Thai food.

Thank you                                                                                      

Jamie Shebubakar


Thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Jean’s Cooking Class! Starting with a walk through the garden and an explanation of the ingredients to learning the techniques of Thai cooking to finally enjoying the absolutely delicious meals we prepared which was perfectly complimented by Jean’s warm hospitality. Would highly recommend this class to anyone serious about cooking, or anyone looking for a fun evening out with a difference!                                                          

Kellie Griffith


We found Jean's Asian Cooking was a fantastic experience. Her knowledge of cooking is vast, her manner is very friendly, and she is very well prepared and organised for classes.  I can recommend her cooking classes to anyone who is interested in developing their Asian cooking skills.

Mal Paul


We really had so much fun taking the Thai cooking class! We learnt so many little tips and techniques that made such a difference to the taste of Thai our cooking. We came in search of the 'authentic' Thai taste that we had in Thailand and got it - specifically, the red curry which was to die for. It was also great to have such an easy going and knowledgeable instructor.  

I will definitely be recommending this to friends – Thanks Jean!            



"I enjoyed attending the Asian Basics for Beginner and Classic Thai 1 cooking classes. The recipes were easy to follow and Jean provides a hands-on experience. She also gives useful tips on where to get the different ingredients and how recipes can be changed to vegetarian alternatives. The simplicity of the recipes meant that we created a variety of dishes within a short period of time and then were able to sit down to a lovely meal. I will definitely be going back to do the other classes."



Fantastic cooking course, easy to follow instructions, delicious food, beautiful fresh ingredients, small class, very personal, throughly enjoyed by both of us, will definitely try other courses by Jean.

 Sally & Bally Pope


My daughter doesn't like vegetables, but she loves the paper roll which has the beansprout, mints and lettuce. She loves to eat especially dip with the homemade sauce that I learn from your class. Wonderful! Thank you.                                                                    



Thank you so much for the simple and tasty recipes to let me have confidence to cook for Thai food to my family. I have to say that the classes very good and easy to make me feel that you are teaching me realistically. Your recipes are easy to be understond, and to cook. These classes are very good for the people who have no time but want to do a good dish in a very short time. People who like asian cooking I can confidently say join Jean's cooking classes, you can succeed in cooking well immediately. Fantastic!! Thanks,                                                  


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