About Jean Silk

I love cooking and cooking brings me joys. Being a former restaurateur, a food consultant, recipes developer/taster and cooking instructor, cooking is one of the best ways to express my feelings towards people through good food. Food has no boundaries. It connects us all regardless our differences, backgrounds and cultures.

Having grown up in a diverse ethnic and cultural background with many relatives spreading across Asia, it has given me life-long opportunities to explore different authentic cooking. Most of my family members are great cooks. A few of them are food producers, restauranteur and hotel chef. They all have had great influence on my cooking career. Moreover, it has given me an opportunity to learn different languages and I now can speak nearly 7 dialects and languages. 

No matter how much I have achieved in food, my passion for cooking is to pass on cooking skills and Asian recipes, especially authentic homely recipes which are easy to follow, to everyone who love cooking. I love to use fresh and easily accessible ingredients and cook mouth-watering foods. My principle of cooking is simple – encourage people to cook simple, healthy and experience real Asian food cultures.

Almost every year I travel and visit relatives and friends in Asia, it brings back my childhood memories. It also offers an opportunity to update my cooking skills in the real local environments.   

I feel so lucky and many thanks to my lovely husband and friends who have provided me tremendous supports and encouragements throughout my journey.                                                            





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